Cardigan Inn

A dynamic post-punk group, masterfully blends '80s synth-pop nostalgia with a modern, edgy twist. 

Formed by five high school friends, they’ve developed a unique sound characterized by pulsating synths, catchy melodies, and driving rhythms. The band’s name, Cardigan Inn, conveys a comforting feel amidst their music’s chaos, inviting you into a retro lounge of controlled madness. Their songs delve into love, longing, and the mystique of digital life. Led by enigmatic vocalist Pablo Nollet, their lyrics explore introspection and urban disillusionment. The rhythm section, Miriam Rumora and Igor Jongenelis, delivers a pulsating energy, while Joe Pilmeijer and Sidney Francis add layers of brooding melodies. Cardigan Inn seamlessly combines analog warmth with modern production, appealing to both post-punk enthusiasts and new music aficionados. Their electrifying live performances, growing fanbase, and innovative music position them as a rising force, pushing boundaries and captivating audiences.

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