Cardigan Inn

Cardigan Inn is a young post-punk band trying to find the perfect spot between surprising melodies and solid grooves. Inspired by King Gizzard, Parquet Courts and The Talking Heads this four-piece from Amsterdam have given their garage rock origins a fresh twist which results in a catalogue ranging from softer pop songs to longer hard-hitting compositions. 

With their debut album being well under way, the band is excited for the future and is eager to let audiences hear their fresh new sound.

Cardigan Inn started after four friends from two schools decided to start a band. Pablo Nollet on lead vocals and guitar, Joe Pilmeijer on vocals, keys and guitar, Miriam Rumora on bass guitar and Igor Jongenelis on drums. Having a lot of the same musical interests, they quickly found their sound. After playing several shows to find their footing on stage, the pandemic hit. They used this time wisely to develop their sound further, and become better on their respective instruments.

The live music scene opened back up again and Cardigan Inn took advantage of the opportunity by playing a lot of shows in 2022. With a new found confidence on stage they presented themselves once again.
When Joe decided to spend a year abroad they asked Sidney Francis as a temporary vocalist and guitarist. They once again had to find their footing on stage, but soon became comfortable with the new addition.


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