Nevin’s Road To Heartfelt

Nevin’s sound is one of experiment. Her sound has shifted from lowkey, singer- songwriter to something mesmerizing on stage. Smoke surrounding her, flashing lights, a deep bass that swipes through the room. The atmosphere is intoxicating, Nevin has created a realm for her music that you can fully emerge in. 

The band is vampy in their suits, Nevin herself in a dress that makes her look haunting, adding to her haunting sound.  

Nevin prides herself on her journey as a frontwoman; “I have a vision of what I wanna create with my music. But it’s been a learning process in how I can achieve this. It’s been kind of like a snowball effect. I had this vision of what I wanted to make, but then meeting different collaborators and artists influenced the music so much that I’ve decided to go on a new route.”

Mood is something important to Nevin, music needs to be all inducing. She talks about how she wants her music to wrap around people. A very physical wording. But it shows her commitment as an artist. “I try to be disciplined through out every part of the process. But it’s hard to not have fun with the band when rehearsing and playing a show. We try to do everything still in good spirit.” 

Nevin is no stranger to the stages in Amsterdam, having been active since 2020. She admits with a smile that she does still get nervous when performing, but the whirlwind of emotions on a stage don’t kill her performance. Don’t You Want Me is transformed from an electro dance classic into a melancholic and heartfelt ballad which entrances and hugs the audience. 

Doka is next up for the band, and excitement is in the air. As we say goodbye to Nevin, she has rehearsals, we cannot wait to be veiled in her sounds on Thursday. 

Nevin’s work can be described as dynamic, melodic yet intimate. She creates music transcending dream pop, dark electro and folk. Alongside her band, they bring a new atmosphere and crossover to elevate Nevin’s songwriting. 

Nevin will be playing at La Kamarade: Class of 2023 on Thursday April 13th at Doka. Her first EP and songs with La Kamarade are now available on Spotify.

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