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  • Nevin’s Road To Heartfelt

    Nevin’s Road To Heartfelt

    Nevin’s sound is one of experiment. Her sound has shifted from lowkey, singer- songwriter to something mesmerizing on stage. Smoke surrounding her, flashing lights, a deep bass that swipes through the room. The atmosphere is intoxicating, Nevin has created a realm for her music that you can fully emerge in.  The band is vampy in…

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  • Through the Kissing Gate

    Through the Kissing Gate

    As they prepare for their first European show, we met up with Kissing Gate for a lil’ chat. La Kamarade has just touched down in London Town and has an appointment with Kissing Gate. The five piece meets up in South East London for a first official photoshoot. Having spotted some of them the night…

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  • La Kamarade: Class of 2023

    La Kamarade: Class of 2023

    La Kamarade invites you April 13th 2023 for an evening of turmoil and perplexing new sounds during ‘Class of 2023’: The first showcase by the Amsterdam based label will be a celebratory display of what stunning talent the city has to offer. ‘Class of 2023’ is a genre defying yearly mixtape and night, presenting all…

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