An Evening with Cardigan Inn

If you’ve been to a Cardigan Inn show, you know you’re in for a good time. The five-piece always does the unexpected, keeping you on your toes. One second, Joe will be playing you some smooth notes on keys. The next second, he hangs lead-singer Pablo’s guitar on his neck and plays a ragingly good riff. Which frees Pablo up to a bit of dancing on stage, reminiscent of Jagger.
Cardigan Inn is effortlessly Cool, with a capital C; The two guitarists Sidney and Pablo are in suits. Bassist Miriam is all in black and sharing looks with drummer Igor. And then there is all-rounder Joe, whose laid-back styles are a visual reminder that anything and everything is possible when listening to their music.

Afterward, in the smoking area, we have a little chat with Pablo about the origins of Cardigan Inn. Their friendships date back to primary school, so they’re a band of comrades as well as a musical band.
“I liked football a little more than playing guitar, but Joe wanted to make music, so we all got together to jam,” Pablo says.

When asked about their musical influences, it’s a whirlwind of bands.
“Back in high school, we wanted to be like Dead Kennedys. But the influences came from all over; we all listen to very different music, and there’s barely any overlap. But it’s not necessarily a challenge in making music. We can find common ground in sparring and adding to each other’s ideas.”

Ever since the arrival of guitarist Sidney, Pablo has been growing more into his role as frontman and lead singer. He jokes about how his nerves would get the best of him at first, but that a few beers can do wonders for that. “It’s not that I become this alter-ego, I just act a little bit different on stage.”
When asked what makes him act different, he stops and reflects for a second. “Maybe I’m a bit angrier? But everything works well with a bit of anger.”

Do you know what Cardigan Inn’s nan, who drives a van, sells? The correct answer is Melanotan; A synthetic drug that’s used as a self-tanner. It is also the title of one of the many songs on their upcoming album. The group is purposely secretive about when they’re finally releasing it, which adds to the effortlessly Cool talked about earlier.

Cardigan Inn’s sound clashes surprising melodies and solid grooves and so creating a fresh sound with a wide range from soft-pop to hard-hitting post-punk. Tomorrow they’re ready to tear down the house in Doka.

Cardigan Inn will be performing at La Kamarade: Class of 2023 on Thursday, April 14th at Doka.

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