Through the Kissing Gate

As they prepare for their first European show, we met up with Kissing Gate for a lil’ chat.

La Kamarade has just touched down in London Town and has an appointment with Kissing Gate. The five piece meets up in South East London for a first official photoshoot. Having spotted some of them the night before in George Tavern, they show up to the park dressed to kill in purple trousers, green glasses and Union Jack socks.  

Lead singer Ed Oaks discribes the music as sounding whimsical and rural as he holds a branch of little white flowers towards the camera, prompting the other band members to scatter and search for their own piece of flowery accessories. 

Ed pulled the band together after booking their first shows: Having written the music by himself, he invited Will, Freddie , Lewis and Barney to collaborate. Listening, commenting and experimenting; This is how their upcoming EP is taking shape.

 The whole afternoon could be lovingly described as ‘boys will be boys’; Kissing Gate might take on a serious look for the cameras, but they are quick to a joke. 

Lead guitarist Lewis, who seems a natural in front of the camera as he makes funny faces, races around on his bicycle as the rest of the band poses. “My face is blurry and unrecognizable, but that’s great!” He comments as they look back at the pictures.

Drummer Freddie explains; “I try and listen to where everyone else is going. Often times, you have to follow the drummers pace. But this is their (Ed’s) project, so I’m trying to push them in letting them lead and see where that will bring us.” 

As they all part ways, proud grins and excited “See you in Amsterdam”’s  are exchanged. In a few days, we will reunite on the other side of the canal; Trading in East London for Amsterdam Oost. 

Kissing Gate will be playing at La Kamarade: Class of 2023 on April 13th in Doka. 

Both introspective and bombastic at the same time, Kissing Gate walks the line between folk and jazz, with a splash of the whimsical. The five piece turns soft sounds into an eclectic and gripping performance. 

Check out their songs on Class of 2023, now on Spotify

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