Ambient guitars, nostalgic synths and honest lyrics. Nevin is an Amsterdam based singer/songwriter looking for new ways to get her stories told. Influenced by a broad range of genres like dream pop, folk and dark electro, Nevin has created her own eclectic sound combining spheric elements and storytelling. “It’s like looking at a painting made of sound” – Wessel Oltheten

Nevin is a 21-year-old Amsterdam based singer/songwriter. Growing up Nevin wasn’t very fascinated with music, and especially not her dad’s
everlasting collection of Radiohead records (ironically). Her fascinations were mostly in the fine arts and dance. That was until Nevin discovered
Avril Lavigne, and at the age of 11 she started to learn how to play the piano. Trading her sketch books for notebooks, songwriting became her
new outlet.
As the years went on Nevin proceeded to find new interests in music, shortly attending composition classes after high school and working together with different producers. She is now studying vocals at the Herman Brood Academie, based in Utrecht. This is also where she met her
bandmates. Together they create a dynamic combo of loaded guitars, ambient synths and melodic bass lines; the perfect recipe of the cross over
atmosphere Nevin channels in her songwriting.

‘VIE’, her debut EP just released in May 2022.

Nevin explains the title as in to vie with someone. In this case, with herself.
The EP takes us into a journey of acceptance. Experimenting with new
sounds and different ways of songwriting. Influenced by artists like Mitski,
Sharon Van Etten and Radiohead, Nevin’s music is where honest
storytelling meets heavy atmosphere.


Spotify: Nevin

Instagram: @NevinMusic

Upcoming Shows
7 March – De Nieuwe Anita Amsterdam
9 March – De Helling Utrecht
30 March – Cinetol Amsterdam